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In January 2021, the key findings of the UN75 global consultation were released – and people across the world have asked: what happens next?

Action by the
international community

To mark UN75, the UN’s 193 Member States adopted a Declaration setting out a vision for achieving the future we want and the UN we need. In it, they note they have listened to the concerns and aspirations of the people, through the UN75 global consultation, and pledge: “We are here to respond.”

They also task the UN Secretary-General to report back by September 2021 with recommendations to advance the Declaration and to respond to current and future challenges. The Secretary-General has launched an inclusive process to generate these recommendations, drawing on the findings of the UN75 consultation.

Action by citizens,
communities and organisations

One of the consultation’s key findings was that people want deeper involvement in the decisions that will affect their lives, and in finding solutions to the challenges we face. 

Here are some ideas on how you can help build a better future for all:

Action on COVID-19

Beyond recovery:
Actions For the Sustainable Development Goals

Be Inspired: Get Involved

Join The UN75
Global Community

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